CRVSNOW ensures that the registration data is fully protected and always available. Data sovereignty requirements are met through the provision of a secure up to date copy which can be kept on government servers. Data ownership provisions ensure that CRVSNOW staff cannot access the data in any way under normal circumstances, i.e. without explicit and limited permission, say, to diagnose a complex issue.  The data security capabilities of AWS are used to ensure that the data is always fully protected with data encrypted when at rest and inflight, user identity fully managed and access carefully controlled – all supported by detailed logging and auditing. All changes to the data are kept so any version can be recreated. This approach to data should remove the risks of losing data or of being locked into a vendor.


CRVSNOW supports a multi-step processing approach where data is entered and locally validated before being submitted to the Core system for a more complete range of checks. Data can be submitted through ePublic or eRegistry, or directly by BDM Registry Officers. There are various levels of checking including for data compliance, duplicates, and death. These checks must be completed before a registration can be created and the post registration processing starts. The diagram shows birth related processing.


From a business perspective CRVSNOW manages requests from different sources, checks them in various ways, and creates registrations. It manages orders consisting of multiple applications relating to products, customers, transactions and payments. Certificates are printed when registrations are complete. They can be printed on secure paper with each sheet, batch and wastage managed.


The CRVSNOW system consists of three main applications (servers): Core directly supports staff users; eRegistry supports stakeholders; and ePublic is for citizens. There are user interfaces for each of the different types of users including customer service operators and external government agents. The system has interfaces to external systems (e.g., webservice) and provides data in several ways – which includes vital statistics.


Technically, CRVSNOW is built in Java and Angular and makes use of several best of breed open source products. CRVSNOW is offered as a SAAS solution running on AWS, but other hosting options are available. There is a Field System which is essentially a full system in a laptop, packaged as a virtual machine. Each country will have its own user machines, printers/scanners and local payment gateways. They can also have a data haven to store up to date records in an independent format.  Each country can optionally run its own systems in its own accounts on AWS. There are many integration options available, including access to a data warehouse for complete analytics fully under the control of government staff.


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